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Story time!
Humans of Support

live storytelling at SupConf Nov 6-7

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Tell your #HumansOfSupport story at SupConf!

Help Scout is hosting a live storytelling segment at SupConf during which 6 attendees will each tell a 5-minute story, sharing a memorable experience working in support.

Want to tell your story?

Fill out the form and give us a quick synopsis of your story. We'll select 6 stories that represent a diverse set of experiences and contact you if you've been selected.

What is #HumansOfSupport?

Humans of Support is a series by Help Scout featuring stories from the customer support community about their experience working in customer service.

What does a #HumansOfSupport story look like?

It's that one moment when ... You realized your most “challenging” customer is as likable as your oldest friend. You made a huge mistake that ended up a hilarious misunderstanding. You changed a life, or maybe a customer changed yours. These are the stories that make us human, and the moments that made us call support home.

Need inspiration? Check out these #HumansOfSupport stories!

Story guidelines:

  • Length: Each teller will have 5 minutes to share their story on stage,
  • Whether it's a warm andfuzzy story or a living nightmare, be sure to share what you learned,
  • You don't have to be a Help Scout customer, we value all Humans of Support!